Our Mission Statement:

SorcererCon is a fantasy event that will provide a fan friendly, inexpensive, safe, fan based event for everyone to attend without regard to genre.  We embrace everyone and in turn expect anyone attending to behave in the same manner.  

Anime Event Planners Conference will provide a class room environment where the knowledge and resources necessary to running an anime event will be offered for the novice and the experience event planner.   

Lupus Family Conference (a 501.c.3) will provide an educational forum for lupus patients and their families members, with an emphasis on treatment, living with the disease and the effects on the family members.


Our Purpose:

SorcererCon derives its existence from the need to have a convention that encompasses all genres, including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Anime, SteamPunk and Costuming.  We will not separate off participates nor isolate them from the whole, because we are all one family, existing to understand and enjoy each other’s company.    

Anime Event Planners Conference is design to pass along information, from previous and past experiences regarding Anime Conventions, Comic Book events and Multi-Media conventions that currently are not being offered to the first time event planner and to assist those who are seeking to expand their knowledge. 

Lupus Family Conference allows both the person suffering from Lupus and their family members, who support the patient to receive the necessary education about the disease, it's treatment, how to live day to day.


Contact Information:

Web Addresses:
     SorcererCon - www.sorcerercon.com  
     Anime Event Planners Conference - www.animeepc.com  
     Lupus Family Conference - www.lupusfc.org  

Corporate Mail Address:
     Post Office Box 142283
     Austin, Texas 78714

Magic Users Incorporated is a solely owned Texas based corporation that operates in California as a foreign corporation.  

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